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Start your Street Team

A Street Team is a group of neighbours working together to weather the storm of COVID-19 and to help each other through the next few months.

It’s not a giant community group - there are lots of those. This is the size of a neighbourhood street or block, about 20 households - give or take a few. We think we can look after each other better (and notice those doing it tough) when we connect at this scale.


COVID-19 is no joke - be safe and keep others safe. Please be sure to read our Health Advice resources ​and stay up to date on current government advice at all times.

Connect your street now...

If this sounds like something that would work on your street please fill in the form below and someone from our Bull Creek team will be in touch. First, we will walk through the ways you can be involved and then we can send you the tools to get started. We are here to help you and will provide useful information and inspiring ideas along the way

While we are focussing on Bull Creek, if you live in another area please feel free to register and access our resources. We welcome anyone who wants to start a Street Team!


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