What is a Street Team?

A Street Team is a group of neighbours working together to weather the storm of COVID-19 and to help each other through the next few months.


It’s being a neighbour

At any time over the next few months we could all be someone who gives help or someone who needs help. A Street Team is first of all a point of connection, and through this becomes a way for us to help each other out.

It's very local

Street Teams encourages you to focus on the people in your immediate neighbourhood - your street or block, 20 households or so. It’s easier to notice those doing it tough and connect at this scale and being so close makes helping more practical when we're meant to be staying close to home.

It's open to everyone

A Street Team extends the invitation to get involved in helping to everyone in your block. Of course, not everyone will want to join in and that’s totally fine, but you do need to get at least a few others in your street or block to join you so you don’t take too much on. There is more resilience in a group - so if one person gets sick or has to stop helping out, others are around and can step in. This is one of those times when something can come up and you can quickly go from being a helper to needing the help and support yourself. Street Teams builds in that responsiveness - it’s a way of us all having each others back.

It turns connection to action

Once you've got the connections your Street Team will work together to support each other. You might do things like:

  • Keep people connected with the outside world through door knock and telephone tree check-ins

  • Help others with shopping, dog walking or picking things up from the chemist

  • Make meals to share or put together care packages (chocolates anybody?)

  • Help people access medical and other care services they may need

  • Organise fun things in your street and neighbourhood

Who is running all of this?

Mostly you are... our aim is to provide enough so that you and a small group can drive the support the people in your street need. The website and these information packs have been produced by Chorus, a local community organisation that believes in activating local communities to provide informal care - putting the community back in community services. Chorus has received the support of Lotterywest to do this. Street Teams and Chorus will support you and your team with resources, helpful tips and a Facebook group where you can connect with other Street Teams to share ideas and keep each other motivated. We want to make Western Australia a more caring place to live, one street at a time, starting right here in Bull Creek.


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