Street Team Resources

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These resources are here to give you a head start - but you might have some amazing ones of your own - share them with us on Facebook

Street Team Starter Pack

Printable Connection Cards

Health Information


Things your street team can do

Pick up groceries or medication

People who are self isolating may not have access to the shops. Get a list and help people get the things they need.

Have a remote cuppa

Social isolation could end up being a problem for many of of us. Making a phone call could be a big help.

Be the IT support

Imagine if you could help someone to video conference their family. Put your IT helpdesk hat on.

Going on a bear hunt

Kids heading out for walks can find a teddy you've strategically placed in a window. There's also footpath chalk art galleries, and rainbows too.

Driveway chats

Bring your own chair and hang out in the driveway while your neighbour stays on the porch. Bring a thermos (or something stronger).

Make that casserole

Some of us are going to be exhausted from being on the frontline of this. Make some bulk meals and share.

Connect to formal support

There are now a number of extra formal supports that people can get, like Meals on Wheels or mental health support. You might need to help someone reach out - with their permission of course.

Street routines

Maybe set something that happens everyday (driveway exercise at 8:30am) or every week (Friday drinks in the front yard). Use your imagination to socially connect while physically distancing.


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